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Aristot is a premium mentorship platform. We bridge the customer, either individual who needs work-related solutions or business looking for the employee to grow, with the right mentor, a Fortune 500 company leader.

We Aristoters believe there is a gift within everyone. Talents are everywhere, however seldom can they be recognized. Aristot provides a tailor-made mentor-mentee advisory for customized advice on professional skills.

In this era of 4th industry revolution, when 70% of the jobs will disappear in 20 years, everyone who holds the spirit of everlasting improvement together is welcome to join us.

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Self-improvement is a lifelong journey, whether on campus or in the workplace. However, with the guidance of professors, students seem to be luckier on their way towards a better version of themselves. Those who have stepped into workplace rarely have access to mentors, which makes it difficult to solve different kinds of workplace problems. Often, it is hard to find someone who is able to guide you to the right path.

As founders of Aristot, it is just because we are fortunate enough to always find mentors to guide us that we have become a better version of ourselves. We found ourselves blessed with mentors who helped us to take fewer detours, to know ourselves better and to unleash our potential. We firmly believe that there is a gift within everyone, and as long as the chances are given, everyone can be successful. We can’t help but wondering what if more people are able to gain mentors from top companies across different fields? How much different will their life be!

In order to help others who may have hit the ceiling or have problems at work that stop them from growing, we sincerely wish that we can provide the resources that they otherwise may not able to obtain.

Aristot, together with our extraordinary mentors, are very glad to see our mentees keep developing, push the boundaries, and empower themselves. By offering up their professional expertise, our mentors hope to inspire an even wider audience of business professionals. Just like the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, who is nourished by Plato and shared his knowledge and experience with Alexander the Great, we would like to encourage everyone to pass on the sharing spirit.

Everlasting improvement together !

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