Aristot Leadership Package- How leaders are made conference 1

Fortune 500 leaders answer your questions on site!

3 Aristot mentors with years of leadership experience in several fortune 500 companies will gather together. They had experience from Royal Dutch Philips, Friesland Campina, Danone, Kraft Heinz, British American Tobacco. They will answer any career-related questions from the audience on the Conference, based on their rich experience from Finance, Supply Chain, and Procurement industries.

We kindly ask each and every audience to prepare career-related questions they have encountered. If time allows, the three Aristot mentors will give their own answers on site!

At the same time, we will collect questions based on 3 lectures which are given by the mentors, and the mentors will answer them centrally from their professional perspective.

Previous questions:
Why did I work so hard and still don't get promotion?
How to design my career blueprint?
How to boost my career by improving communication skills?
In addition, participants can learn about the workplace problems of others , broaden their horizons and accumulate more workplace experience!

Bastiaan: Finance and psychology background. 11 years leadership experience in Royal Dutch Philips, currently being senior manager leading 2 different teams.

Bastiaan is a Strong, people focused finance expert with advanced analytical skills, Capable of switching between a helicopter view and process-step details, and he is passionate about exploring new directions in search of growth, creating and implementing straightforward solutions to enhance the performance of the company. He has unique insights into the skills of communication and public speaking.

Bastiaan's Specialisms: Finance, Controlling, Financial Planning & Analysis, Analytics, People Management, Lean thinking, Innovation, Research & Development

Irakli: Supply Chain background. Former Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Liberty Bank, the third largest state-owned bank in Georgia.

RSM, Erasmus EMEA, and Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt at Oxford. At the age of 27, Irakli became the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Liberty Bank, overseeing the company's procurement, logistics and infrastructure development, leading 12 division heads and more than 200 employees. By now Irakli is global category manager in the Netherlands. He has rich leadership and management experience, and he is good at exploring the potential of students, helping students to develop a career blueprint according to their own characteristics, and achieving a leap in growth in the workplace.

Siyi: Procurement background. Stepped up from a junior all the way to a Director in a global FMCG company within 10 years.

Graduated from university 10 years ago and started her career journey at a Fortune 500 company. She worked extremely hard in the first 4 years, but the results did not turn out as she expected. Afterwards, she thought it through and changed her ways of working completely and got promoted 4 times in the following 6 years, from a senior all the way to a Fortune 500 company Director. At the moment, Not only does Siyi lead a team of procurement managers, but also reports directly to the global VP (Vice President) of the whole organization.

Location: 3rd floor, Laan van oversteen 6, 2289 CX, Rijswijk

Date: Coming soon

price: 49 euro

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