Aristot Leadership Package- How leaders are made lecture 1

Why did I work so hard and still don't get promotion?

There is a huge difference between hardworking, and achieving valuable results.
This lecture is to help you understand why, and how you can fill in the gap.

In the guest lecture, an Aristot mentor will share with the audience, in the eyes of a leader, which employees are the high potentials that are worthy of her attention, and which are the talents who can hold important positions in the company.

The mentor has extensive experience from different Fortune 500 companies. With 10 years of working experience and being a Director at age of only 32, she knows what your manager is thinking.

  • Tailor made for professionals who have stayed at the current position for 1 year or even longer, and wish to change the status quo
  • Tailor made for hard-working professionals who are keen for self-investment, and would like to break through the career bottleneck as soon as possible
  • Realize the effort into tangible results, increase salary by 20%/promotion (best practise)
  • Think from a leader's perspective, seize the promotion opportunity
  • Have the opportunity to connect with the Aristot mentor on a 1 on 1 basis
  • Coaching period of your own choice
  • Takeaway actions and methodologies that you can immediately apply back to office on Monday
10:00 - 12:00
Even through all the hard work, why am I not the one getting promoted? I

Is making money really my end goal for hardworking?
How to prioritize and stop ANY non-value-adding hard working activity

Key elements for stepping up

How to already think and perform like a manager
How to be unique and memorable among colleagues
3 necessities for negotiating promotion

Personal branding

How to react if the manager disregards your promotion request?
What is the difference between hard working and delivering good results
Stakeholder management like a galaxy

12:00 - 13:00
Lunch Break

13:00 - 15:00
Even through all the hard work, why am I not the one getting promoted? II

Heat case 1(solve your career problems on site)
Heat case 2(solve your career problems on site)
Recap, action list for coming Monday back to work

Graduated from university campus 10 years ago and started her career journey at a Fortune 500 company. She worked extremely hard in the first 4 years, but the result was not as she expected. Afterwards, she changed her ways of working, and stepped up 4 times in a raw in the following 6 years, from a senior all the way to a Fortune 500 company Director.

Location: 3rd floor, Laan van oversteen 6, 2289 CX, Rijswijk

Date: 2019-07-06, 10:00 - 15:00

price: Heat case* 149 euro
Regular* 99 euro

Heat case*: Before the lecture starts, Aristot will guide you to write down your current career problem that is related to this lecture, and during the lecture in front of the audience, our mentor will spend time on site to mentor you step by step to solve the problem. After the lecture, Aristot will follow up with you to see if the problem is indeed solved. Maximum 2 tickets.

Regular*: Being audience at Heat case section.

Good to know Before you purchase:

  • If you purchase Aristot 1 on 1 Mentorship service after the lecture, the ticket for this lecture can be used as Coupon, which means it can be fully refunded
  • Buy in group of 2 means 20% off for each

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