Aristot Leadership Package - How leaders are made lecture 3

As a introvert, how to improve inter personal skills and transform communication and my first impression?

Today will definitely be the most exciting day of my life. Because I am going to have lunch with the new Business Unit Finance VP!
And of course I can nail it. My line manager and the director totally trust me, and they see me as the high potential of this organization, one of the most prestigious and international companies in the entire country!

After a 15-minute conversation, the BU Finance VP had a politically correct hand shake goodbye to me. Only after then I found out that I am not the super hero who succeeds in the story, at least, not yet. What I heard from my Director the next day was that the VP did not believe at all that I am the so called "Talent"ť in the eyes of the Director and the manager.

'I was trying my best to talk you up with the VP this time. But as you know I am going to retire soon, you really need to learn how to build a good first impression!' It was supposed to be the most exciting day of my life, but it turned out to be the most pathetic one -- I was experiencing the most painful conversation in my life.

  • For introvert professionals who would like to have good first time impression: especially in functions such as IT, Finance, Supply Chain, R & D
  • For professionals who are good at content knowledge and hardskill, but is struggling to improve communication and influence skills
  • Gain theory and practise at the same time: ample workplace examples to teach you the common mistakes in communication, and tools and tips to improve
  • Have the opportunity to connect with the Aristot mentor on a 1 to 1 basis
  • Takeaway actions and methodologies that you can immediately apply back to office on Monday
13:00 - 16:00

About NLP
The truth behind why some people have excellent results although they seem indifferent Theory into practise - how and where is NLP being used

Model of the World

We how we see the world is a matter of perspective: be open to other perspectives to the key to avoid misunderstanding in communication

NLP presuppositions

The common thoughts and beliefs of people who became excellent in their area

8 steps communication framework

Building up rapport


How you create your memories and emotions, and how to influence them?

16:00 - 17:00
Coaching & Mentoring
Recap, action list for coming Monday back to work

Bastiaan is a powerful, people-focused finance expert with advanced analytical skills. He is capable of switching between a helicopter view and process-step details, and he is passionate about exploring new directions in search of growth, creating and implementing straightforward solutions to enhance the performance of the company. He has unique insights into the skills of communication and public speaking.

Bastiaan’s Specialisms: Finance, Controlling, Financial Planning & Analysis, Analytics, People Management, Lean thinking, Innovation, Research & Development

Location: Erasmus University Rotterdam, RSM, MBA Building

Date: 2019-11-23, 13:00 - 17:00

price: 69 euro

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