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Daniel Zhao

Daniel has working experience in 3 Fortune 500 companies, he always has the drive and the ambition to keep growing, and he really appreciates the mentors that helped him along his everlasting improvement journey. Nothing can be more exciting than keep pushing boundaries and challenging oneself each and every day!

Daniel holds MSc Finance degree from Erasmus University Rotterdam with Scholarship, and teaching assistant experience. He is also a public speaking speaker and former VPPR (Vice President Public Relations) of Rotterdam Toastmasters.

His main hobby is break dancing, if you see a group of dancers training somewhere in the city, it is very likely to be his crew!

Daniel believes in people. We all strive to be a better person and build a better future. Some just need a bit extra push to become one.

Together with another Daniel and Oscar, he co-founds Aristot with the aim to give those who need a little push and get them going.

Daniel has Econometrics and Fintech experience, and he is a member of the Mensa club.

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Daniel Hsiao

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Oscar Hsieh

Oscar believe that we can help those who are motivated to reach their goals.

We also believe that people like to share knowledge with each other. Just like how Aristotle learnt from his teacher Plato, and passed on his knowledge to his students.

Oscar studies ICT, and is interested in data analysis. Furthermore, he likes to play badminton and Go(Chinese chess).